Introducing Sous Chef

The Ulitmate Cooking Companion for the future.

Designed To Suit Your Cooking Needs

Neat and Discreet

About the size a knife holder, the minimalistic design allows for it to fit smoothly into any kitchen without drawing attention when not in use.


Coupled with the app, the cube comes to life! Organize your custom meals each week as well as receive an automatically computed grocery list.


Using regular language, the cube's voice recognition software works to walk you through cooking much like a GPS would for travelling.


Share recipes with other users while also keeping your family recipes at your fingertips. Additional speciality recipes also available!

What Does It Do?

Some Features

After creating your own custom meals, whether it is a family recipe or a new meal for a diet, you can select what meals you would like to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the week. After planning your meals, the Sous Chef app then generates a custom shopping list so you have access to the ingredients and other grocery items you will need without worrying about missing anything!

The Sous Chef Cube has the ability to speak and converse with you! Using natural speaking language the Cube will analyze and respond based on your command. Offering not only speech recognition, unit conversion and other basic commands are included! This is a technology we are all familiar with, only now it works for you in the kitchen, accessing your recipes at your command and convenience!

The Cube's basic design and color scheme allows the device to be placed virtually anywhere in the kitchen. Its design allows it to be tucked away and out of sight until you need it, but discreet when not in use. While the basic cube comes in a low key outfitting, a custom color and light scheme can be ordered to fit the decor of your personal kitchen or add that bit of "spice" to the scenery!

While you have the option to keep recipes private, there is a large community of preset and sponsored meals, as well as meals submitted by other Sous Chef users! Whether it be the newest diet meal plan or a tried and true family favorite, the meals are always easy to access.

The Sous Chef device app is unlike others. Its core design allows meals to be input easily, no data-consuming pictures or confusing setups. You simply put in the meal, the ingredients, the steps and any other cooking notes for the meal and you're all set. The cube delivers this information in a manner that is logical and coherent. With all the help you could ever need, Sous Chef will guide you along the way.


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